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Installation of Geosynthetic Materials

Installation of geosynthetic materials,
HDPE, high density polyethylene.

ToUnDa has been operating in the geosynthetics industry since year 2011. 

We offer materials from leading European geosynthetics manufacturers, we provide advice to our clients on the materials available in the industry and their use in construction, and we perform material installation.

We specialise in the welding of HDPE membranes and slabs, LDPE, LLDPE and PVC membranes, as well as the installation of other geosynthetic materials that ensures the full function of geomembrane.

Our work is based on finding optimal solutions for our clients, providing consultation, accurate and precise work, and the ability to overcome various challenges.

About our construction company “ToUnDa”


Services of the construction company "ToUnDa".

Consultation during the construction project design development phase


Inspections of existing building sites in accordance with DVS standards

pdf sertifīkāts

Supply and installation of materials in construction sites


Installation of geosynthetic materials – gallery of “ToUnDa” company

Agricultural Waste Lagoons and Storage Ponds

Preperation of groundworks prior to HDPE membrane installation

Protection of reinforced concrete structures with HDPE plates

Protection of reinforced concrete structures with HDPE membrane

Protection of surface repository tanks with HDPE membrane

Fire suppression ponds and decorative pools


Contact details of the construction company ToUnDa



Mobile phone: (+371) 26 390 395 (EN, LV, RU)

Company details:

Legal name: ToUnDa Ltd.
Legal address: Zvejas street 19, LV-1030, Riga, Latvia

Registrated office address: Audupes street 15/17, LV-1030, Riga, Latvia

Working Hours 

Open to our clients every day

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